About Speech Recognition

The Speech Recognition product, tightly integrated with PACS, provides speech-to-text conversion of Diagnostic Imaging reports. The result is a marked reduction in report turnaround time for users of Diagnostic Imaging’s services. The Speech Recognition service allows Diagnostic Imaging physicians the ability to report regardless of which supported facility they reside.

The purchase of the Speech Recognition Software was a joint venture between LHSC, SJHC and its regional partners totaling 18 physical site locations. This fiscally responsible approach allows multiple sites the ability to leverage emerging technology they may not have considered on their own.

  • Today an average TAT (turn-around time) collective of all participating sites is <24 hours with many urgent results issued in less than 1 hour.
  • The infrastructure design allows for easy expansion, opening the possibility for further growth.
  • Currently we have 150 primarily Radiologists and Radiology Residents using Fluency For Imaging in Radiology. Thousands of in house and referring physicians depend on the efficient production of the radiology report in order to properly treat their patients.
  • The Speech Recognition System is used to create in excess of 65,000 reports each month. 50% of those are generated at our London sites.

Patient Care Impact

  • A shared purchase approach allows patients seen at primary and secondary care sites to benefit from the same technology as large tertiary care sites.
  • A consistent, single patient record cataloging all Radiology reports.
  • An average report turnaround time (TOT) of less than 24 hours. Emergency and urgent status reports are often issued within 1 hour.  This can have a significant positive effect on treatment.
  • Speech Recognition is highly integrated with the imaging system as well as the hospital information system. This integration ensures high accuracy and low error rates.
  • As more data repositories are being created to aggregate data focused on disease, patient and geographic demographics, the speech recognition technology in use across SWODIN sites is positioned to easily integrate and play a contributing role in these efforts.
  • The speech recognition platform has the ability to integrate directly with imaging devices and provide Radiologists with consistently accurate data obtained during the imaging process for inclusion in the radiology report. No longer will there be a need to transpose this data, eliminating error potential.

Education Materials

  • Reporting Downtime
  • Voice-Keyboard Commands
  • Microphone Commands
  • Reporting Quick Reference Card
  • Creating Managing/Editing Macro
  • Creating Managing/Editing Template
  • Transcription Workflow
  • Imaging Recommendations
  • Vocabulary Management
  • Improvements/Bug Fixes