ENITS (Emergency Neuro Imaging Transfer System) is a service that assists patients across Ontario by having access to timely emergent and urgent neurological, vascular, cardiac, stroke images and paediatric echo studies and resources, enabling a healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate treatment for these traumatic conditions.

ENITS is secure web based , zero-footprint, diagnostic quality enterprise viewer that provides access to specific emergent medical studies from 113 Ontario Hospital sites via CT, MR and Ultrasound connected modalities.

Approved end users can access ENITS from any browser via the following web address: https://www.enits.ca

Specifications regarding the recommended operating system, hardware requirements and browsers can be found at the following link: https://swodin.ca/wp-content/uploads/ENITS-eUnity-OS-and-Hdwre-Requirements-March-2021.pdf

If you would like an account, or would like to make changes to your existing account, please click here.

Obtain an ENITS account

ENITS is limited to Ontario based Specialists.  ENITS accounts are administered by the Service Desk located at London Health Sciences Centre, and account requests are captured via the Account Management Form.
  • A site-based, designated Registration Authority approves your access to ENITS.  Credentials are provided to the end user via a follow-up email with instructions  on how to successfully authenticate and sign on. Post authentication, ENITS account holders can manage their passwords and change challenge/response questions through an online self-serve module.
  • Currently the scope for approved ENITS Physicians is as follows: Ontario’s Neurosurgery, Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery Residents, Spinal Specialists, Pediatric Intensivists, Telestroke Neurologists, Vascular and Cardiac Surgery, Interventional Radiology and Cardiology.
  • ENITS access is not available to Diagnostic Imaging Staff or Emergency Department Physicians. If you have any questions on obtaining an ENITS account, please email the Service desk: enits@lhsc.on.ca

Send images to ENITS

ENITS is currently connected to over 300 Ontario based CT, MR and Ultrasound Modalities. Sites wishing to connect their modalities to ENITS can submit there request using the ENITS Modality Request Form_August 2019 or can contact the ENITS Service Desk for further details at enits@lhsc.on.ca.

The ENITS poster provides details on the current scope of emergent and urgent studies received on ENITS.  ENITS does not accept any out-of-scope studies as these are available on other provincial viewing solutions

Requests to add your sites modality to ENITS can be documented on the ENITS modality request form. Send your completed modality request to our Service Desk email at  enits@lhsc.on.ca.

ENITS Partners

ENITS works with Ontario’s network of referring hospital sites to ensuring the following:

  • Significant reductions in the time to assess a patient’s medical condition previously relying on a CD to allow an assessment of a patient’s medical condition.
  • Minimizing the requirement to transfer (or not) a patient based on the timely and accurate assessment of a patient’s condition using available medical imaging.
  • Linkages with CritiCall Ontario allow immediate confirmation of bed availability at one of the Centres of Excellence.

ENITS works with a number of provincial agencies. Our partners and web links are provided:

Updates and Program Status

  • At this time there are no program updates available.
  • For any other inquiries please contact us directly.