Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network

Success Stories

"Information sharing is critical in Cancer Care Treatment.  Our multidisciplinary team discussions are richer and more informed because the Specialist has easy and timely access to all patient images."

Dr. Glen Bauman
Radiology Oncologist, London Regional Cancer Program
Chair/Chief of Department of Oncology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry


"The value of OneView to the Neurosurgical Service at LHSC cannot be overstated, and it is an essential component of both clinical care and education. As residents, we are responsible for managing CritiCall consultations, which are emergency referral requests from across Ontario. Within minutes of receiving a call and a patient’s name, I am able to access their relevant imaging history from any computer in the hospital or at home. As we are a specialty that relies heavily on imaging, this is a service that is essential for our clinical decision-making. Accordingly, we can then decide if a patient needs to be transferred in an immediate or delayed fashion, can be referred to clinic, or can be seen in follow-up by their Family Physician. In my experience, I have found that this deters unnecessary transfers and avoids emergency department congestion.

The ability to access patient imaging through OneView is also indispensable for our outpatient clinics; many patients are from out-of-town and have not had their imaging performed in the LHSC system, nor do they bring their imaging on a disc. This allows the convenience of having basic diagnostic imaging performed close to home and also avoids congestion and scheduling conflicts with the LHSC Radiology Department. Finally, OneView has a pivotal role in our education and clinical case rounds, as we are able to access images for teaching and discussion purposes. We often combine the imaging history from a peripheral center and LHSC to provide a complete history.

As a clinical service, we use OneView daily and would function much less efficiently in its absence. We are very appreciative of the availability of this essential service."

Michael Staudt


"OneView is indispensable tool to access imaging obtained at other hospital sites and we used it on a daily basis".

Marco Mura, MD, PhD


"OneView access is crucial to both radiologists and patients alike.  I would estimate that I have personally used OneView to obviate the need to re-image around 10 patients over the past year sent in from the periphery if I found previous and/or recent imaging on OneView that was of sufficient quality.  It has also helped serve as a valuable comparison to the current imaging done at LHSC to document stability of many findings, thereby often no longer requiring follow-up imaging.  These obviously lead to a reduction in patient radiation exposure (in the case of CT) and reduction in health care costs in general (no matter the modality)."

Matthew Rochon, BSc, MD