Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network


SWODIN started as a pilot project in 2004 with 8 locations including London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London and 6 regional community hospitals with the goal to integrate diagnostic images.

When the project was first envisioned, there was no practical concept or point of reference for creating a regional system. Simply due to the fact that this did not exist before. Most individual hospitals and health care centres were already acquiring and storing diagnostic images digitally through individual PACS systems. This small pilot project group joined together and created a local Information Technology of hubs to cost-share technology and resources.

This eventually became known as the PACS/DI-r Team.

With success and momentum, SWODIN then took the concept of local hubs to a Regional Level. The project engaged Clinicians, Group Practices and Leadership across Southwestern Ontario to achieve consensus to grow the possibility of greater collaboration, and the positive impact on patient care.

Today, SWODIN connects over 60+ hospitals and 6 Independent Health Facilities, with a collection of approximately 24 million exams.