Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network

The Emergency Neuro Imaging Transfer System (ENITS)

The Emergency Neurological Imaging Transfer System (commonly known as ENITS) provides remote access to emergent/ urgent medical imaging from Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance (MR) and Ultrasound (US) modalities- 365 days x 24 hrs /day- from 101 connected Ontario Hospital sites.

ENITS allows emergency physician’s at a regional hospital site access to a specialist at Ontario’s tertiary care centers providing a remote consult to determine a patient’s treatment pathway based on the digital imaging and other critical medical factors. The consultative process is facilitated by CritiCall Ontario. Beyond the consult, CritiCall Ontario coordinates a patient’s transfer (if req’d) to one of Ontario’s Centres of Excellence for further treatment.

Patient Care Impact

Prior to ENITS, an emergent consult with a specialist was facilitated via a phone call without the use of imaging or bridging services. In many situations, patients were transported to a Centre of Excellence for further evaluation. Dependent on the severity of the trauma and bed availability within Ontario, patients could be transferred to the United States for primary treatment resulting in significant cost to the Ontario health care system.

ENITS facilitates timely access to emergent imaging from CT, MR and Us modalities as follows:

  • Significant reductions in the time to assess a patient’s medical condition previously relying on a CD to allow an assessment of a patient’s medical condition.
  • Minimizing the requirement to transfer (or not) a patient based on the timely and accurate assessment of a patient’s condition using available medical imaging.
  • Linkages with CritiCall Ontario allow immediate confirmation of bed availability at one of the Centres of Excellence.

Good News

From a clinical vision in 2008 to a fully integrated provincial clinical tool in 2015, ENITS continues to allow the timely assessment and treatment of Ontario patients at an Ontario based hospital.

The original in-scope neurosurgery group has expanded to include neurologists affiliated with Telestroke and Regional Stroke Centres, vascular and cardiac surgeons associated with the Ontario Cardiac Care Network and related medical disciplines that can supplement the consultative process.

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ENITS is a service that assists patients across Ontario by having access to timely neurological resources, enabling a healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate treatment for emergency neuro-traumatic conditions.

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