Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Network

The Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Repository (SWO DI-r)

The Diagnostic Imaging Repository allows for the collection and storage of diagnostic images for Radiologists, Referring Physicians and Specialists across Southwestern Ontario providing instant access.

The Southwestern Ontario Diagnostic Imaging Repository (SWO DI-r), through a shared archive of imaging studies, provides a participating organization the ability to access the DI longitudinal patient record.

The DI-r delivers an automated solution for:

  • Centralized storage and retrieval of images
  • Access to diagnostic reports

The Centricity OneView application provides a consolidated single patient jacket across multiple RIS/PACS environments. Its name derives from the concept of one view of many systems, one point of access and one workflow.

Patient Care Impact

SWO DI-r has facilitated the sharing of Radiology images and reports between all hospitals in LHIN’s 1, 2, 3 & 4 as well as several Independent Health Facilities (IHF). This repository provides great value to patients who have multiple procedures at different facilities.

This technology benefits both our patients and our clinicians by:

  • Providing faster treatment because specialists can access prior x-rays and other diagnostic tests directly without needing to request hard copy images, CDs or faxed results;
  • Reducing the need to repeat tests already performed at other centres because they are now easily viewable;
  • Enabling physicians to consult with their colleagues from the referring hospital;
  • Providing the treating physicians with the complete picture of the patient's imaging history no matter where the imaging was performed.
  • Potentially reducing unnecessary patient transfers because the Diagnostic Imaging can be reviewed prior to the transfer.

Good News

SWO DI-r is continually expanding and providing innovative tool sets to our clinicians that improve patient care.

  • Integrated the SWO hospitals for the sharing image across LHIN’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Independent Health Facilities (IHF)
  • Foreign Exam Management – ability for one organization’s PACS to ingest images from another organization
  • Integrating the Repository to ClinicalConnect ™ (ZFP -Zero Footprint Viewer)
  • DI Common Services
  • Long term archive for hospital’s diagnostic imaging
  • Archive expansion for Cardiology

Program Achievements


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